SystemMobiles L

German Design Award

This product has won the German Design Award.
Thanks to the international standing of the German Design Council, this prize is extremely prestigious. The aim of the German Design Award is to discover unique design trends and acknowledge high-quality product design.

SystemMobiles L are ideal for direct parts picking at work benches, since both vertical struts are fixed to only one side of the chassis. This geometry is perfect for direct rear-facing material provisioning into the handling area. When products are changed, entire SystemMobiles L can be replaced, thereby eliminating time-consuming changeover processes at the work bench. The smooth-running trolley makes it exceptionally easy to move materials from place to place in production areas. Double-brakes on the castors ensure that the trolleys stay safely and securely in place while in stationary use.
The console-like design also makes them suitable for use as complete mobile workstations.
Each solid vertical support incorporates three Profile 8 grooves that provide a flexible means of attaching Shelves, Container Supports and other accessories securely to the trolley. The load-carrying capacity of a SystemMobile L is 40 kg per shelving unit. The total maximum load-carrying capacity is 200 kg.
SystemMobiles L are also available in ESD-safe versions.
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