Pneumatic connections

Connecting Plates

  • For connecting supply lines and consumers
  • Fitted to the end face of the profile

Pneumatic Connections

  • For connecting compressed-air conduits to profile bores
  • Can be fitted to the desired point on the profile
  • For pneumatic connections G1/8 and G1/4.

Compressed Air Manifold

  • Easy to fasten to a profile groove
  • With three quick-action couplings
  • Safety couplings with vent function
Compare products

Pneumatic Connecting Plate 8 80x40 G1/2, black

Pneumatic Connecting Plate 8 80x40 G3/8, black

Pneumatic Connecting Plate 8 80x80 G1, black

Pneumatic Connector 8 G1/8, bright zinc-plated

Pneumatic Connector 8 G1/4, bright zinc-plated

Pneumatic Connecting Set 8 G1/8, black

Pneumatic Connecting Set 8 G1/4, black

Compressed Air Manifold

Compressed Air Manifold Without Quick-Action Couplings